About Us

Leatherstuff.com , the work of Mark Mowen, one of America's finest leather craftsmen. Since 1972, it has been my desire to create classic, graceful, and elegant designs that are not only attractive, but also functional and long lasting.

Each piece is meticulously constructed from full grain drum dyed cowhide, nylon stitching, and is guaranteed to be the finest made. We invite you to see graceful elegance of my styles, and the distinct difference in the quality of American craftsmanship.

I use select American Top Grain Cowhide. Its natural characteristics are that it's drum dyed throughout with no finish to wear off, and its "melt in you hand" softness which is not only comfortable to wear but very graceful and elegant in style as that it holds it shape in design.

Leatherstuff Goes Green

In an effort to be more responsible and respectful to the environment, Leatherstuff.com is in the process of making a transition into being as "Eco- Friendly"  as possible.

I am now using some of the finest "Bio" Tanned Leathers available. This "Eco- Friendly"  tanning process produces leathers that are amazingly soft, incredibly rich in color, and does not pollute the environment.

I am eliminating all packaging and shipping materials that are not recycled or recyclable, and with our electronic invoicing, we are now eliminating paper invoices (unless requested).

Leather is Natural

Leather is a natural material made from the hides of animals. Just as no two animals are exactly alike, no two pieces of leather are identical. In addition to its own generic heritage, each hide bears the little nicks and cuts that marked the animal during its lifetime. These natural characteristics are not defects and are considered marks of distinction in "full grain" leather, adding to the unique appeal of each finished product. When a more uniform appearance is required, the leather can be shaded to produce what is called a "corrected grain".

When hides are converted to leather, all non-essential parts of the original animal hide are removed, leaving only the surface "grain" and middle corium layers. It is the remarkable structure of this corium - made up of millions of microscopic fibers, twisted and interwoven by nature - that gives leather its highly tensile strength and other desirable qualities.

In the tanning process, the hides are cured to prevent deterioration. This process also enhances the flexibility of our leathers and improve its ability to withstand extreme humidity and temperatures.

Nothing Equals Leather For Beauty, Function, And Versatility

The qualities of leather - created by nature and preserved by the tanner - are superior to those of any man-made or synthetic material.
FLEXIBILITY - Leather stretches to conform to individual contours, yet retains sufficient shape to provide support.
DURABILITY - Leather "breathes" allowing air in and moisture out. A natural insulator, leather protects against extremes in temperatures and humidity.
BEAUTY - By its very nature, leather comes in a wide range of pleasing textures and surface patterns. It also takes well to a variety of finishing processess, designs, and color applications. A rich "feel" and pleasing scent heighten the appeal of leather.