Dr John B from California wrote:

I've been using apple leather products for many many years, but found it difficult to find it here in the bay area. You guys have the best prices and the delivery time was unbelievable. Ordered Sunday, got it Wed....Awesome, already used it on my adjsuting tables. thanks, Dr J

Su M from California wrote:

Just received my Apple Leather care for my LV. bag and was pleased as to how fast my order was processed and the customer service I received while asking many questions about how to take care of my investment. I immediately applied the leather care to my purchase and was amazed at how the product worked. I would advise anyone with an LV bag to invest in the Apple leather care and other products they offer to preserve the quality of your investment. They do not tell you how to take care of your purchase at the time you buy. I happen to call an LV store to inquire on what they use to clean the bags and was reffered to the Apple line. I will keep you informed as to how the product is working.

Ann Frey from Indiana wrote:

Have shopped here several times and have always found what I wanted and of excellent quality. The prices are right and my order always gets shipped promptly. I keep you on my Favorites list!

Lisa Harris from Texas wrote:

I'm very impressed with the wallet I ordered from Leatherstuff for my boyfriend. It had to be good enough to replace a wallet that had worn out but was very special to him, and it passed its test with flying colors. He likes to support U.S. workers, so he is especially happy to be able to keep his money in a U.S.-made wallet.

Michelle Walker-Pippett from Texas wrote:

My husband asked for a new wallet for Christmas this year, and was very precise with his specifications. I looked everywhere, but was unsuccessful until I came across leatherstuff.com Not only did they have the wallet he asked for, but they shipped it the same day I ordered it and they have a lifetime guarantee!

Sheila Stueve from New York wrote:

My husband was very particular in the specifications of the wallet he wanted as a Christmas gift. I knew I wouldn't be able to find it in any of the stores where we live. I found it on Leatherstuff.com. It arrived in less than a week from the date of ordering! It was well made, and the leather felt soft and luxurious. If all their products are this well made they should emboss it with some type of logo. Why not advertise an excellent product!

Anne Carlsen from California wrote:

I have been looking for this product for a long time. I've have searched have store in every shopping mall within the vicinity I live. I am definitely going to start doing alot more shopping with leather stuff.

Carol Wensel from Ohio wrote:

The wallet I received today is absolutely beautiful.. if all of the products look like this, I will become a frequent customer. I am not a fan of online shopping, but I prefer to support American workers, so I took a chance on your site. I am not disappointed. Not only am I thrilled with the wallet, but I couldn't believe how quickly I received it! Thank you very much.

gloria wahinepio from Hawaii wrote:

this is the second time i ordered from them. best fanny packs ive ever found anywhere. i work as a mail carrier and have had my purse stolen out of my truck. the pack is the only way to carry personal items, and these are classy and functional. excellent zippers, leather not cheesy nylon straps and very decent design. also reasonable for the quality of leather and workmanship. much applause to the maker of this product. the service was unbelievable. i blinked and they were at my door (via postal service:) im still waiting for supplies i ordered prior to this shipment from other vendors. i took a chance with this vendor, and am very pleased, and relieved. i am also extremely thankful they use a secure site. Much mahalos from paradise.

Kelly Fitzpatrick from Ohio wrote:

I just received my leather briefcase in the mail within 3 days of ordering-------WOW! It is beautiful, and the the speed with which it arrived was impressive. Thanks loads----I will be back---Kelly Fitzpatrick

Theresa Kiteley from California wrote:

I was pleased with the selection of products, good photos, and prompt service. I just ordered 3 items and 30 minutes later an email tells me my items have shipped! My only difficulty was not being able to access the inside views of the products.

L Danielson from Minnesota wrote:

I looked all over for nice leather coin purses and couldn't find them untill I came upon this site. Thanks alot.

R morley from California wrote:

I was a bit leary ordering on line from a company I had never heard of but I was amazed at the prompt service, constant communication and perfect product ! I placed an order and within a week, I received the 12 key holder .. which I couldn't find in any retail store. Thank you so much for the excellent service ! I have added you to my Favorites.

Liza Finch from California wrote:

I ordered a leather string pouch. Although it was a bit bigger than I wanted it (personal preference) it was perfectly sewn and smelled of great quality. My order was shipped with immediate promptness and received shortly after. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Joanne Goodnow from Massachusetts wrote:

I have purchased gifts from Leatherstuff before and I am amazed at the durability of the products ! Leatherstuff I'm glad I found you.

PJ Kulgren from Washington wrote:

I was so pleased to find the leather key case - couldn't find one anywhere in the stores. My order came promptly. Thanks so much!

Pam Hoffman from Kansas wrote:

I received my order in a very short time and am very impressed with the merchandise quality as well as the great customer service that I received from your staff.
Thank you
Pam Hoffman

Ralph P. Simeone from Pennsylvania wrote:

I recently purchased your Leather Care Conditioner & Garde Rain & Stain Repellent. Your service and delivery were very prompt. I used the Conditioner on all my leather jackets and coats and saw a noticeable difference immediately. The leather has a beautiful sheen and all are very soft and supple. Thank you for a great product. I haven't used the Repellent yet.

STRETCH (is my nickname) from Massachusetts wrote:

I was looking for a leather wallet (similar as possible to the one I HAD)..over the last 10 yrs..it just got more..and more..ripped..and ragged it was time for a new wallet...so I went searching... (through Yahoo)...found this AWESOME site 'LeatherStuff.com'..(and even though they have such a HUGE selection-- I found what I wanted within minutes)..and I LOVE leather.. (wallets/jackets/vests)...--and I found a wallet similar to the one I already had which made me happy..the payment was quick and easy...and they were also quick to git my wallet out to me for delivery..I am VERY happy w/ my experience at leatherstuff.com -- I would recommend it to ANYONE...

James St. James from California wrote:

I was sent to your website from a Louis Vuitton collector who recomended a leather stain repelllant (Apple Garde) you carry.
I was so happy with the product and you folks shipped quickly. I think we will be doing buisness again soon. Keep up the good work.

Melvin McCurley from Colorado wrote:

When a friend told me that need to invest in a nice quality leather checkbook wallet. I came home and went online to find such an item. And I'm glad I did; bc, when I start looking at Leatherstuff , man, Quality!!
I ordered the item and within a matter of days it was at my door. Just what I was looking for....Thanks Leatherstuff. I will definitely be doing business with you again and telling my friends about your company.

Rosita Nadezhdina from Alaska wrote:

Very prompt service (received the shipment in Alaska couple days after the purchase was made). Great quality products too. This is the second purchase I've made so far since I was so pleased with the initial experience.

erica wooten from Tennessee wrote:

Very pleased with the promptness of everything as well as the quality of the item I purchased. Thanks!

Jason Black from Florida wrote:

The quality of the product was excellent. The shipping was quick. The ordering process was made clear and simple. I would do business with them again.

joy howard from New Jersey wrote:

i wanted to replace my husbands key case,which was a disaster. it holds a double set of keys, and was impossible to find in any of the retaail stores. aftermuch searching i found and a matching wallet at your place. i wanted good quality and was not disappointed . the quality is better than i expected. the service was impeccable. thank you. i will keep your web site as one of my ''favorites.'' sincerely,joy

Sharon Beach from Virginia wrote:

I stumbled across Leatherstuff products at a Sugarloaf Craft show a few years ago and bought a purse. I am still using that purse and could not be happier with it. The craftsmanship that goes into the making of all their products is rare in this age of disposability. I just ordered a fanny pack for my mom, and am confident that for years to come she will be using it and abusing it. I am sure it will hold up well under the strain of my active mother, just as my purse has held up under my constant punishment!
I tell everyone who asks about you!

Ron Kelly from Nevada wrote:

I was thoroughly pleased and amazed at the promptness at which my order was delivered.

Nicholas Peros from Colorado wrote:

Leatherstuff is Coach quality at a Walmart price. Truely, great value for the dollar. The customer service is peerless.

PATRICK SHIPMAN from Florida wrote:


Diane S from Texas wrote:

I was referred to this company as Louis Vuitton recommends their products for cleaning their purses and other leather goods. I assume these must be excellant quality products if LV is recommending their use. I am also anxious to check out their leather goods....glad I found this web site. Thank you, Diane S

Brian Harris from Texas wrote:

Great to do business with. Quality craftsmanship

Richard Ramsey from Virginia wrote:

I was looking for a leather money pouch and I was very happy to find it. I was impressed with the quick order proccessing and shipping. I will begin all of my leather shopping at Leatherstuff.com

Cindy M from Rhode Island wrote:

I have been looking for an ID card holder for a long time and finally found it at leatherstuff. Great quality and extremely quick to ship.

Tom Houser from California wrote:

I have been looking for a pouch change purse, the kind with a spring top, and found just what I wanted at leatherstuff. I was a bit confused in how to order and requested that someone from customer service call me. Within 30 minitues someone from CS phoned me back and explained how to complete my order on line. Great customer service and follow through.

Karen Ridenour from Georgia wrote:

Just want to tell everybody that I am very pleased with the service, and products I have received from Leatherstuff. They are always delivered when promised and are beyond my expectations. I have ordered three (3) times items now and they do not cost an arm and a leg. I wouldn't hesitate to do so again, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Where else can you obtain such nice items for friends and families?
I love the smell of the products, and the conditioner that comes with the products is just what they say it is. Wonderful!! It is secure website so don't be afraid of using a credit card. When you ask questions they have the answers and are really interested in having what you want.

L. Zimlich from California wrote:

I am pleased with the quality of the materials and workmanship, the availability of just the kinds of products I was looking for, and the speed with which my order was completed and shipped.

Heather Guthrie from Maryland wrote:

Very easy ordering. Quick and efficient getting my order to me. Would order again when the need arises. Very pleased!

M. K. Gardener from New York wrote:

I was pleased with the quality. It arrived quickly too. I'd order again.

Michelle L.. from California wrote:

Great product and the fastest service and delivery I have ever seen!

Christa T from Tennessee wrote:

I thought this was one of the best on-line shopping environments I've been to in a while...The best part was the fact it would be here in 2 days! The quality is fantastic and i will definately shop here again in the future. Thank you!

Patti Bowles from West Virginia wrote:

Loved the fanny pack; very nice quality; great service; fast delivery. Thanks!

Howard Miller from New York wrote:

Always extremely satisfied with the design and quality of their products.

Donna Price from Arizona wrote:

I am very pleased with my experience at leatherstuff.com. I was looking for a leather cigarette case with a lighter holder and leatherstuff had just what I wanted

mike poz from New York wrote:

Great service.Great goods,Mike

Jan Beck from Ohio wrote:

Leatherstuff has been very helpful with any of my questions and quick to respond also.

M H from California wrote:

I buy my leather care products (Apple) from leatherstuff.com and they make it easy to buy off their site, ship fast and inexpensively.

pam lim from California wrote:

Excellent and rapid service. Super products!
Many thanks from a satisfied customer who will order again
in the future! :)

PS--Do you make a leather conditioner? I didn't see it on your site but it was mentioned in another site re: purse care.

Malcolm Nee from Georgia wrote:

Hi i hope everybody is doing fine. I have been to your web - site and seen several items i hope very soon i can order. The leather products that you sell are the best quality i have seen. I sure am glad i found your web - site and thank you have a wonderful day. Malcolm Nee prospect99@msn.com

Sharon Bowler from Missouri wrote:

Just bought my second back pace and a key chain. I have purchased a wallet, previous back pack different color and leather cleaner. I love this place, the products are great and the service is wonderful! I do not look any place else for leather goods. Good work!!!!!


Martin Hunter from Oregon wrote:

I received my order today. It was exactly what I expected and the quality appears to be as good or better than the item it replaces. The item is not available to me locally. I did a Google search to find the product, and your company came up. For leather goods I now know where to go first. Thanks for your timely response and delivery.