Gail Bell from Rhode Island wrote:

I just received my first bag from Leatherstuff and it's
everything and more than promised. The leather and the
workmanship is without a doubt the best I've ever seen.
Buttery soft is the only way to describe the type leather
Mark and his team uses. I will only shop at Leatherstuff
for my leather needs from now on.
Gail Bell

Beatrice Tsuneyoshi from Hawaii wrote:

I found your website over the internet through a friend who purchased a Credit Card Key Case. I really admired the key case and wanted to buy one for myself. I am looking forward to receiving my order.

melanie yarak from California wrote:

I am answereing your email as to how I found your site. search engine I typed in back packs

pam addy from California wrote:

i need help on returning a bag. i got the wrong size.

EVERETT SHIRLEY from Indiana wrote:

Excellent product. Excellent price. Excellent service. What more can I say?

Leonard Becnel from Louisiana wrote:

I am interested in purchasing the Classic Bi Fold Wallet. I noticed that some of the other wallets were discounted and would appreciate a message if the classic bi fold is ever offered at a discounted price. Thanks

Marjorie Wedlock from Massachusetts wrote:

Great service! I received my merchandise in two days and am really pleased. The quality if great. Will definitely do business with them again.

Diane Siess from California wrote:

I love your leather products. I have found it very difficult to find leather which is soft, yet durable. I would highly recommend you to anyone!

Ben Rymon from New Jersey wrote:

My wife loved the briefcase. It was shipped when promised and the construction and style is outstanding. Great Stuff

CHRISTI HENDRICKS from Virginia wrote:

Lynn Dhone from Kansas wrote:

Thanks for the great service. I ordered a checkbook/wallet from leatherstuff.com. My ordered arrived just a few days after I placed it. I was very impressed with the quality of the wallet and will definitely be back when I need a handbag or other leather goods. Thanks so much.

mary hofstetter from New York wrote:

would like your catalog send to me please.

Lee Ann Zimmerman from North Carolina wrote:

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the leather and the workmanship of the handbag I ordered from your site. I have, in the past, purchased more expensive, brand name handbags that were not nearly as well made as your bags. I will definitely shop again in the future as well as recommending your site to my friends and business associates.
Lee Ann Zimmerman

Laurie from Florida wrote:

I recently purchased your leather cleaner, conditioner, and repellent for my aniline leather sofa. These products worked GREAT. The service was also excellent. Thank you.

joyce drager from Maryland wrote:

I found your web site after saking my search engine for
leather key cases. Yours was one of many I tried. You had
what I was looking for, for my husband. Shopping on the
internet sure beats running all over town and the malls to
try and find something.

R. Berg from Wisconsin wrote:

I just wanted to say that I received my purse and I LOVE IT!
I am very impressed with the construction of the purse, the
strength of the zippers and how supple the leather is. I
was hesitant to order the color Burgundy because this is
such a hard color to show accurately on the computer or
in print, but it is really beautiful. I would not hesitate
to order another purse from you. Thank you so much.
R. Berg

Michael Cherry from Michigan wrote:

After searching locally for a replacement leather coin purse, I was happy to find them available online at Leatherstuff. The price, including shipping, seemed too good to be true, however the items were exactly what I hoped for. I am a most satisfied customer and gladly can recommend this company. Thanks.
Michael Cherry

William Morgan from Kansas wrote:

Timothy Watford from New York wrote:

when i checked out your website, i fell in love with the type of leather products that you have to offer. i will definitely pass it on to my family and friends. thanks.

Pela Watts from Pennsylvania wrote:

I found this site to have exactly what I was searching for. I needed to find coin purses that used to be carried in
Macy's but had disappeared years ago. I found the exact coin purses here. When I had a problem and did not
receive my order, I contacted Mark and without hesitation at no additional cost to me a replacement order was
quickly sent in time for Christmas! Thanks

Eugene DeBari from Maryland wrote:

Mark, I need a custom case made for my backgammon board.
Please contact me at the above email address if you would
like to make this case for me.I will give you all of the dimensions
when you contact me
Thank you.

Roger Zimmerman from Ohio wrote:

I became familiar with Leatherstuff when I attended the craft fair in Shaker Heights, Ohio and purchased gifts.
The quality of your leather goodsis exceptional.
Your label in your products with the e-mail address was helpful
Best regards, Roger Zimmerman
Keep up the good work

S.W. Reinecke from Massachusetts wrote:

You asked how I found your site. I did a Google search for men's accessories, looking for keycases (which Macy's
no longer carries). Your site was listed on the first group of appropriate sites, and you had exactly what he wants.

Joan Jastrzembski from Pennsylvania wrote:

About two years ago I purchased a mini combo wallet and absolutely love it. I use it constantly as a wallet in a bigger purse and also just carry it as my purse at other times. It looks brand new. Recently I ordered what I thought was the same product, but when it arrived I realized I had made a mistake. I e-mailed you, received a prompt reply advising me how to secure the correct one, and was notified in a matter of a few days that it was being shipped. This is what I really call service. I will be sure to keep your website handy and will be ordering from you in the future. I am also looking forward to your show schedule for 2002 and if you are in our area, plan to attend so I can see your products in person and say "hello". Thank you so much for all your help. I know my sister is going to love her wallet when she gets it for Christmas.
Joan M. Jastrzembski
Reading, PA

Jody Vilandre from Alaska wrote:

I love the leather backpack I ordered. The quality of the soft leather
is outstanding! The customer service and speed of delivery
were excellent, too. If you're looking for a leather bag, I
highly recommend this site.

R. Nelson from North Dakota wrote:

Found the site on the web and ordered-the quality and service were great. I would order from you again.

Delene Evert from Ohio wrote:

I have had a shoulder bag of ours (the ultimate sholder bag in your catalog, last page, thick and solf leather) for over
15 years....it needs to be restitched at one upper edge. My whold family has tried to get me to use another
purse, but this one is by baby. I want another one. My daughter saw you at columbus Winterfair. You have it in
a taupe and chocolate brown now...how could I see these colors? I also want a cigarette case for real tall
cigaretts for my mom. The case i bought at store she can't close. I also want a key/credit card thing. Does it come in
that same taupey brown by daughter told me about? You make really fine things.....delene evert

chrissy from Ohio wrote:

hey guys it's me guess who? told you id look tonight!!!! nice stuff:]

elissa buonpane from Ohio wrote:

Hi -- I just bought a purse from you at Winterfair and wanted to check out your website. Glad to be able to look at all your goods on line!!
Regards, Elissa

Sue Wilson from Pennsylvania wrote:

Deb Willford from Michigan wrote:

I found your site by typing in the word "leather handbags"
and there were over 200 sites there, yours was number 175
and I'm glad I need. Your handbags are just great.
Sincerely, Deb Willford

Tonya from Ohio wrote:

Hey Mark,
Picked up one of your cards at the Art Institute Octoberfest in Dayton.
Just ordered me and my daughter new string bags...Can't wait to get them!!!
I also have my eye on a few other items : )

Julie Davis from Ohio wrote:

I have owned a fannypack which you made over 10 years ago. I love it because it is large and yet stylish. It never seems to wear out.

Cindi Lampe from Missouri wrote:

You are doing a good thing! I have visited so many sites
that just don't understand the fluid qualities of leather.
I must have visited at least 30 sites with "The latest in
handbags" or "Vintage Bags". Finding a hobo bag that is
loose and unstructured today is almost imposssible,
until I found your site. Exactly what I was looking for and
at a reasonable price.
If I ever have a dream of something I want in leather,
can I call you?

Caroleen Hawkins from Illinois wrote:

I love the items I purchased from Leatherstuff.
It was priced reasonably and I received it in a timely
I will be purchasing more in the future

Patti Sandlin from Ohio wrote:

The quality of your leather products are wonderful, I just ordered 2 purses, one for myself and one for my Mother and can't wait to receive them. I ordered one several years ago for my Mother and she absolutely loves is. Thank you for making such a high quality product.

Susan Radoulovitch from Virginia wrote:

I ordered a purse from you last month and just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I was with it!! It is without a doubt the nicest purse I have ever owned. I saw you at the Sugarloaf crafts show in Manassas in September and thought about purchasing the ultimate shoulder bag then but didn't. I took one of your cards though and decided to get it in October. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Susan Radoulovitch

regina ross from New York wrote:

hi bubba,
i met you in sommerset nj this past weekend.
i love your work. i will be ordering from you
shortly. thanks
regina ross
p.s. i am the black lady full figure.

Richard Angelo from Virginia wrote:

Got a nice Weiner pipe in one of your pouches.
Do you have any supple leather roll-up tobacco pouches?

Mary Ann Leigh from Pennsylvania wrote:

I bought a red leather bag at Fort Washington last weekend and love it - and all its compartments and pockets. I especially like the key clip that hooks onto a brass ring. HOw can I get another one for my additional keys. Thanks. Mary Ann Leigh, 522 Baird Road, Merion Station, PA 19066, 610-664-0710, mdleigh@home.com

Debbi Willford from Michigan wrote:

Your leather products are really great! I was surfing on
the internet and came across your site...You have absolutely
great stuff. I purchased a small handbag, haven't receive it
yet, but I know I won't be disappointed...
Sincerely, Debbi

kristina welch from Maine wrote:

I was very pleased with the service that I received. The product is very much to my liking. The quality is very sturdy and well made. My order was placed and was responded to very fast. I would do business again in the future with leatherstuff.I give the product and the service an A++

Joey from Michigan wrote:

I visited your booth when you were here this summer at the East Lansing Art Fair in East Lansing, Michigan. Normally I wouldn't be drawn to leathergoods merchandise, but the friend that I was with wanted to stop and browse. Much to my surprise, we both made a purchase that day. I bought the small rectangle bag in the denim colored leather. I LOVE it! It's one of the best handbags I've ever owned! Just the right size and shape. And the leather is sooooo supple. You can be sure that I'll look for you again next year. In the meantime, I'm eyeing the same bag in chocolate brown. :o) Regards, Joey

Charlynn Schreiner from Ohio wrote:

I discovered Mark and his leather work at an Arts & Crafts
show several years ago. I have purchased many items from a
Leather Backpack, to wallets and key chains, to handbags.
I always receive compliments on their quality and design.
I have purchased many of the "top" quality handbags but still
come back to Mark and his designs for quality and enduring
beauty and functionality.

Heather Kennedy from Ohio wrote:

In speaking with the Mowen representative at the Dayton Octoberfest today, I was extremely impressed with the cordiality and knowledge given to me. All I have to do now is decide on what style to start with and take it from there.

Arlene Murphy from Pennsylvania wrote:

G. B. King from Ohio wrote:

Please e-mail (gbk@neo.rr.com) me the dimensions of your:
"Trifold leather wallet has 2 full size lined currency
compartments, 3 slide pockets - 8 credit card pockets.
Available in Black, Brown, or Tan only. $39.00"
I'm looking for a 3x4" (folded) trifold wallet; most seem
to be 3.25x4.5".

Jo Holmes from Oklahoma wrote:

Received the three coin purses today and very impressed with the speed, the quality, and the service. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. Have you considered using EBAY or another auction for your goods? Again, thanks for a great product!

Marilee Hrivnak from Pennsylvania wrote:

Just bought one of your slim purses with the long
adjustable string. I love it and think I'll watch for you
at another craft show and buy it in a different color.
Thank You,
Marilee Hrivnak

Ilse Carlisle from Maryland wrote:

I ordered a small fanny pack on 8/21 and received it on
8/25 - incredible service in this day and age of people
who don't sem to care - the leather is truly beautiful
and the workmanship incredible - I have a large family and
have started Christmas shopping - I plan to buy a lot more
at leatherstuff.com