Arlene from New Jersey wrote:

Dear Mark - it was like Christmas this Saturday when the
postman delivered my new wallet from Leatherstuff.com! It
arrived so quickly! Your leather product & craftsmanship
are impeccable (not to mention the tender loving care that
must go into each piece). I love my new wallet and it was a
pleasure to immediately ditch the old one! I'm ready to go
back to leatherstuff.com and check out all the other
beautiful items... and also recommend your website to all
my friends!

Gregory Chambers wrote:

I would recommend this company to anyone as my passport
cover is first class,as all their products must be.
The service is excellent as my order arrived at my home
address in Northern Ireland just 3 days later.

Diana Puchalski from Connecticut wrote:

I'm so impressed by the quality craftsmanship & materials used in the fanny pack I ordered, and I'm especially thrilled with the great design! It incorporates the convenience of a fanny pack with the good looks of a quality leather hand-bag. A rare find!

jojo amadora from New York wrote:

Shirley Murcray from Ohio wrote:


L Willis from Ohio wrote:

I just purchased the ultimate purse at a recent show in Columbiana. I am extremely impressed with the quality and craftmenship and know I'll have this purse for years to come. The design is fabulous with everything we need and look for in a handbag. I definitely will shop here first for all my leather purchases going forward!

Hilde Hearn from Florida wrote:

My Coach Shoulder-bag has a broken snap. Where can I send it for Repair.

Norma Compton from Indiana wrote:

Excellent quality product and super fast delivery. I had been looking for an extra-large black leather handbag and was very disappointed with the quality that I was finding in department stores and on national department stores websites. Found this site thru a web search and am delighted with the product and service and the prices are great. Will defintely check with leatherstuff.com the next time I want some type of leather goods.

Elizabeth Smith from Florida wrote:

I just received my tote bag yesterday. The leather is wonderful, the bag is well made. I don't know how you manage such quality for the price.

Jerry Danzig from New York wrote:

I just ordered a leather key case from leatherstuff, and I'm very pleased with the result. Their service was very prompt; the key case arrived in NYC four days after I placed my online order. The piece itself is of high quality, featuring glove-soft leather, nicely appointed and finished, and delivered to my door for about a third of the price I would pay for something comparable at Couch & Fitzgerald. I will definitely keep leatherstuff in mind the next time I need some leather accessory...

Tony from D.C. wrote:

Amazing! I placed an order online, and everything processed smooth and quick!
I couldn't believe how fast you guys work! I've NEVER had anything online be
delivered so fast. And then, the product was even better than it looked online.
Fine leather, well constructed, stylishly designed! I'm impressed!
Keep up the great work! See you at Christmas!!!!!

Patty Foster from Ohio wrote:

I found out about your company, by surfing the net; under leathers.

Linda Gill from Ohio wrote:

I had my heart set on trying to find an exact replacement for the cigarette case I had lost. When I happened upon your Web Site, I found it! I figured it would take a couple of weeks so imagine my surprise when it arrived only a couple days after I had ordererd it! But, the best part of it all - the quality of the leather and the beauty of the color have far exceeded what I had before....I am so thrilled with every aspect of my ordering experience that I not only bookmarked the page (of course!) but I'm telling all of my leather loving friends about it, too.
Thanks - thanks - thanks!!

Lorena Wong from California wrote:

I received your leather conditioner yesterday and applied it to my 8 year old leather chair! WHAT A FACELIFT!
It's soft, supple and beautiful once again :o) And no oily residue!!!

Shayla Howard from Washington wrote:

Dear potential customers and Leatherstuff,
I just ordered the Double Envelope Shoulder Bag and it is the best purse that I have ever had in my life. The leather is very soft the dark brown color is wonderful as well. I have searched everywhere for a good quality leather purse that was both beautiful as well as practical. Thanks to finding your web-site I finally can say that the long search is now over. This purse is perfect in size, well crafted, and the shoulder strap is just perfect. The shoulder strap hangs about my waist and sits comfortably. I would recommend that before someone makes this purchase that they do consider getting the Apple Leather Care product at the time, so they can protect this soft leather properly from the start. I'm very happy with this purchase and would certainly recommend this company and their fine products to anyone. When I ordered, I wasn't sure that I would even like this purse because I'm a tough customer to please when I buy a purse, but Mark assured me that I could return the unused merchandise if I wasn't satisfied. Well once I opened the box and felt the leather I knew I would not be returning this purse, it was Home. Thanks for the hard work you guys do for all of us practical women out here that seek quality products. Sincerely Shayla Howard

Diane from Arkansas wrote:

Thank you once again for my recent order. I've searched before for a great leather cigarette case and yours is the best! Fast service, good products, and great & fast email correspondence. I'll be back, again! Thanks.

Lori Uhlman from Nevada wrote:

Purchased a wallet and a checkbook cover a few days ago. The merchandise arrived in two days and the quality is excellent.

Ted Levine from New Jersey wrote:

I have been looking for a wallet that has a slide out part so I don't have to take the whole wallet with me when we go to the beach.
You have a great selection of wallets.

MaryAnne Angerami from New York wrote:

I purchased the Lilly Handbag and I absolutely love it! The quality of the leather and workmanship is exceptional. This will not be my last Mowen Leather purchase!

jdub117 from Michigan wrote:

Bought some wallets a few months ago. Wanted to see if this vendor was any good. Boy, was I surprised; both wallets were incredible.

L.L. Adams from Kentucky wrote:

I will be in Cambridge, Ohio for the Arts and Crafts Festival August 9,10,11. I hope to purchase the Lilly Bag. It looks to be the perfect size for me. I have previously purchased zip pouches from you. Some of my co-workers have purchased some also. The little pouch is perfect for carring nursing tools... scissors, pens, calculators.

Susan Butera from Pennsylvania wrote:

We have been looking for a double key case for over three
years now. I bet my husband brought his original one from
you since they aren't that easy to find. ( His poor one is
duct taped together right now) I can't tell you how much we
appreciate finally finding this product. We will be sure
to look for your display next year at the art festival here.
You,ve made our day!!!!!

Marilyn Raker from Maryland wrote:

I have several of your bags and like them very much. It does not appear that you will be at the Timonium Craft show in October. I can not find your show schedule on your site anymore. Please let me know how I can find out your show schedule. I always look forward to seeing you in Timonium. Thank you.

Michael Kecso from Ohio wrote:

It was so nice to meet you i will be ordering a poutch from
soon. I meet you at the Art Expo in Akron.I love good leathe.
Thanks Mike

j. bell from Texas wrote:

I was looking for a nice belt to match a blue jean skirt, and
this company matched it. The belt was so soft and well-created.

charlotte armstrong from Pennsylvania wrote:

I was down at the arts festival last week and bought a cell phone holder. Really love your leather goods and expecially the purses. So I came on to this site to see if you had a book or something that I could get. I would really like to get another good purse.
Thank you
Charlotte Armstrong

pat smith from Pennsylvania wrote:

Hi guys,
I just bought a great small red shoulder bag at the Three Rivers show. It is my 4th Mowen bag. I love them so much I won't leave home without one. Mark and Phyllis, love your website. Keep the good stuff coming. I won't buy from anyone else. See you at TRAF next year.

Lin Kennedy wrote:

Goods received as promised, in good condition. Very pleased with the style, quality of workmanship and service, even if they seemed to be expensive compared to others. Well worth having to wait for shipment to the UK. Thank you.

SVPeter from California wrote:

you use to have white leather backpacks, when are you going to have them again.

Yamila from Florida wrote:

I would like a wholesale catalog of your products being that i own 2 stores in the Miami Florida location.

randy from Georgia wrote:

Deb Mosher from Michigan wrote:

I bought a black shoulder bag from you at the East Lansing
Art Festival. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy
it. The leather is soft. The purse is just the right size
and I like having zipper pockets on both sides and the entire
inside lined. Also, the simple styling is attractive and
a classic.
Thanks for a great purse.

Ellen Donohoe from Massachusetts wrote:

I just got my small oval pocketbook and the small squeeze change purse in navy they were at my door when I arrived home last night. I like the size of the purse, because I can fit my cell phone in it and the leather is nice and soft. I was favorably impressed with it. Last summer I ordered another purse which cost much more money and when I received it I had to send it back to have almost 9 inches taken off the strap, because when I put it on wearing it crosswise, it reached to my knees. The strap on this one is just the right length. thank you.

William Sumrell from South Carolina wrote:

I found Leatherstuff.com a couple of months ago while searching for a wallet. I purchased the wallet and was pleased with the quality. Since that time I have purchased several more items from Mark and have been extremely pleased with the fine work they do and their customer service. I would recommend Leatherstuff.com to everyone for this reason. Thanks Mark and staff for a great job!

Mary Ellen Frost from Pennsylvania wrote:

What's up? It was so great meeting you over the weekend at the May Market!

Jane and I really enjoyed ourselves. It turned out well after all! Thanks for all of the great help and encouragement!

We are so fortunate to count you among our friends! We hope to see you again soon. I love my purse and wallet!!!!

Your friend,
Mary Ellen Frost

Top o' The Morning Teapots

Bill Kennedy from Pennsylvania wrote:

I cannot speak highly enough about the plush bag I received from leatherstuff.The people there are the most helpfull and accommodating that I've dealt with online.Mark Mowen himself called me regarding a question I had. I could go on and on about these guys, but simply put they're aces. I would buy from them again in heartbeat.This sounds like a commercial but it's the absolute truth. Check them out! Bill Kennedy

Linda Van Buskirk from Texas wrote:

I just received my order and I am so very happy. The
quality is great! Delivery and web site terrific.
Thank you!!! You will definitely receive more orders from

Tracy Andrews from Arkansas wrote:

Love your products. However, on my computer, yur site is hard to see. I use a special program to help me read and view the site. Zoom Text changes some of the contrast so that now it looks like the words blend into the picture so they are hard to read. I realize this affects only a few people but I thought yu should know. People with visual problems use this program a lot.

CARRIE TIMMRECK from Michigan wrote:

Lou Remeikis from Arizona wrote:

After a very extensive search of the internet, I never found a woman's briefcase that is more stylish and practical as the one I purchased from Leatherstuff. My laptop fits beautifully with room to spare for everything else I need to carry. The customer service is also exceptional. I can only praise this company's products!

Gretchen Vogelzang from Virginia wrote:

please keep me posted as to your visits to the various craft shows in Maryland and Virginia, or Washington DC.
Gretchen Vogelzang

cynthia hite from Missouri wrote:

I have been trying to reach you so I can place an order for
the small frame purse. Please contact me at (314) 989-8164
or (314) 869-0007. I having been looking for this item a
long time. Thank you.

Tricia Pedersen from California wrote:

Dear "Leatherstuff",
Do you take custom orders? I have a vinyl (ugh!!) purse
of which I love the design and hate the fabric. I would
like to have it made in leather. It is very similar to
your organizer flap bag but I can't tell if it is exactly
like that from the web site. If I could purchase a purse
with the ability to return it if it was not exactly what
I wanted that would be another alternative.
With thanks,

Ellen Thomson from Washington wrote:

I found your site by going to ask.com in search of leather purses. I was discouraged by the choices I was finding in the local department stores.

Ben Sumrell from South Carolina wrote:

I found your site through a Google search for "leather wallets. Thanks for the prompt service

LA VERNE RODGERS from D.C. wrote:


Patricia Enochian from California wrote:

My father-in-law has a coin pouch that needs to retire.
Hard to believe, but he's used it for about 30 years. I can just
barely read the word "Besca" on it. Your Zippered Accordion Pouch
is similar....is it possible to design one like the Besca? Have you
ever heard of that company? It's a classic. Please contact me. Thank you.
p.s. it would be great for fathers day.

Mark Spiegel from New York wrote:

I don't remember exactly how I found your site; it was a while ago. I usually use Google for searching. I probably was searching for "Apple Leather Care," since I use it a lot. As I recall, your price for it was very good. So now I just order it from you.

Shed from Minnesota wrote:

I just received my small leather zippered pouch, and couldn't be happier. The leather is thick and durable, yet extremely supple, and the zipper is bomb-proof! This is an awesome item, and I am now using it for my wallet, as it holds credit cards and bills perfectly.

Betty Taylor from Virginia wrote:

I bought a bag from your company a couple of years ago at a show. I found you on Google by keying "leather handbags". I love your leather!
Best regards,