Oak Blackhart from Oklahoma wrote:

I found your company by search for leather products. I'm sure you have great stuff. I'm waiting for a shippment to arrived. Have a nice day! Oak

Sabra Kachelein from California wrote:

Hi Mark,
Just wanted to say how much I love the cognac bucket bag
I bought at the Salt Fork Festival. It is absolutely
gorgeous! My husband loves his wallet too. I'll have to
get more in the future. Keep up the fine work.

Sabra, Lake Tahoe

kurt cleaver from West Virginia wrote:

COMPANY. PLEASE CALL (L-ONE)@ 304-845-9630 BETWEEN 8:30&5:00

Leslie Crosby from Maine wrote:

received my large fanny pack - it exceeds my expectations!
thank you!

Clarice Robinson from Ohio wrote:

Met you at the Akron Art Expo, this July. Purchased your med. zipper pouch in a beautiful cognac design that was weaved. Love it so much, buying two of your double zipper pouches. One is for my sister in Maryland, who says its ideal for subway tokens and loose change. All the secretaries at her law firm want one.

Barbara Kraus from Louisiana wrote:

You have managed to combine high quality craftsmanship and
prompt service with stylist selections. What more could a
businesswoman (who has no desire to look like a businessman)
ask for? Thank you!

Cheryl Kaiser from Pennsylvania wrote:

In answer to were I found out about your web site my sister had purchased a purse from your company at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh PA. Information was taken off the label inside the purse.

Nancy Plankis from Illinois wrote:

You had a beautiful blue big coach bag at the Madison Art Fair in July, 2001 in Madison, Wisconsin. I wanted to get it but the price was I believe $290.00.
In the future how I obtain that beautiful bag. Thank you Nancy Plankis I bought a fanny pack and some eyeglasses cases from you at the Madison Art Fair.

kim winnowski from Pennsylvania wrote:

You are a welcomed addition to the Pittsburgh Arts Festival every year.
Love your stuff

Gloria Basara from New Jersey wrote:

George Cedeno from New Jersey wrote:

Mark Mowen:
I heard of your company through my daughter who has one of your bags.
Look forward to receiving and using my bag.

Dan & Rita from Michigan wrote:

I recieved all my items that ordered, they were shipped real fast and they are so soft and what a great job you do Mark!!!!!
And the color is perfectly matched to my purse, and hope to but more accessories some day!!

ALICE KEPLER from New Jersey wrote:

do you have a store in new jersey?

Sandra from North Dakota wrote:

found ya all on google.com when I searched (leather fannypacks). My order is on the way. Glad I found you since the fanny pack looked so nice. Can't wait to see it. I sure would like info on your auctions on Ebay if your having them.

Maureen Gwynn from North Carolina wrote:

Please send information about your contacts for custom orders. Thanks

Christine Lorenz from Tennessee wrote:

Looking forward to my custom bag, Mark!
Thanks for making the whole process so easy!!
I've been looking for sometime for someone who would and
could make a custom bag for me that looked like SOMETHING
that I would want to wear EVERYDAY and EVERYWHERE!

Susan Dietz from New Jersey wrote:

I have one of your bags and love it. Bought it last year at Garden State Arts Center. I'm the tall redhead. Are you going to be at Lyndurst or any shows in the NY/NJ area during the summer?

MAXINE HERMAN from Ohio wrote:

Sheila Worthington from Michigan wrote:

I purchased the large fanny pack. I was very happy with the
polite service I received when visiting your Novi, MI craft
show. I felt very comfortable that if there was any
problems, I could contact you. (Just like my ex-mother-in-
law - believed there wasn't any one else better than "COACH"
but I believe I found someone new!)

Deborah Stivers from Michigan wrote:

I find your products excellent from what is see.
I caught your cigarette cases on Ebay. I didn't
win the bid though. So I have decided to purchase
one from your website. I see you have some quite
unique items. I may be shopping again soon. In
fact you can bet on it. I shop for X-mas early.
Sincerely, Deborah

Summer Jochims from Michigan wrote:

I've got one of your string pouches and I love it! My uncle
is Carl Sams a wildlife photographer and me and my sister-in-law
went with him to the Sugarloaf festival in Gaithersburg,
Maryland and you guys had a booth there, and we got one of
the pouches. I just think they are a great idea and I saw the
website on the card in the pouch and thought I would check it
out! I know when I get some extra cash I will be visiting the
site again and buying some more!!

Tere Martin from Georgia wrote:

Dear Mark,
I'm not much of an internet user. But when my Princess Gardner cigarette case had given all it could (about 10 years) I decided the internet was the way to go. After spending one hour not finding what I wanted and just as I was about to give up, I found your website. I ordered your case and couldn't have been happier when it arrived. To my dismay I lost it. Which is a real rarity for me. You cant imagine how upset I was. I just got through ordering 2. Just in case. My only consolation is that whoever found it, I'm sure is one happy smoker right now. Thanks for the great work. Try to make it to the Atlanta area. We would love to see the rest of your work.

George Broadway from California wrote:

irving guerire from Florida wrote:

Interested in your products. I'm restoring several aniline sofas that have faded due to sunlight . Could you pleas mail your catalog to 2200 Taylor St. #306 Hollywood FL 33020 Thanks

Liz Smith from Florida wrote:

I just ordered my forth Mark Mowen handbag. They are the
best! I took all my old handbags, several Stone Mountain
and two Coach, to a consignment store. After using yours
I just could not bring myself to carry the old ones.Thanks
for a really great product.

Juli Pierson from Florida wrote:

Dear Mr. Mowen;

I have been a customer for years at the Dayton Art Institute's
Oktoberfest. I have since moved out of state and recently found one of your
cards in one of the purses I had purchased. I was very happy to find it as
I love your products and purses!! Since buying from you, I have never
purchased a purse from anyone else!

Keep up the great work!


Juli Pierson
Tampa, Florida

Amy Newman from Tennessee wrote:

Rita Newman from Virginia wrote:

Ric Scott from Delaware wrote:

I love your site. The bags look wonderful and I may purchase one this summer. Looking forward to seeing you at the Sugarloaf show.

WENDY from Ohio wrote:


Annette Babrauckas from Ohio wrote:

I purchased a large fanny pack 2-16-01 at the Cleve.Home
& Garden Show. The salesman was very helpful. He made
suggestions after I told him what I wanted. The fanny pack
looks well made and I will use it almost everyday as I'm
a visiting nurse and once I put it on in the AM it'll stay
on for the next 10-12 hours! So I'll be giving it a good

Iris Crawford from New Jersey wrote:

I was looking for a backpack since I use a cane and like to
have both hands free. I found your website while doing a
search on the Internet. I just received my navy blue (so
tired of black!) mini backpack and coin purse in the mail
last night. I absolutely love it! The leather is gorgeous
as is the color and workmanship. I'm so happy with your
products that I'll have no choice but to order another for
spring! I'd also love to visit one of your shows.
Thank you for such a fantastic product.

Elizabeth Smith from Florida wrote:

Is there any chance that you will be able to make your
bags in bone colored leather. I think your bags are the
best I have ever seen & would really love to have one in
bone. Elizabeth Smith - Ocala, Florida

Lynn LeBlanc from Pennsylvania wrote:

lee king from Michigan wrote:

I originally purchased what I thought was a "HIGH" quality fanny pac from a mall store that sells all types of
specialty items. You know who i'm talking about. "The Sharper Image" The pac was fine except for the zippers.
Plastic junk. I wore it for about 2 months and one day the zipper snagged. That was the end of the fanny pac!!!
I took it to a leather and shoe repair, and because the zipper was sewn on a curve, he could not replace it.
My new fanny pac is fantastic. The leather is great, the zippers are brass, large teeth, and I love it!!! It also cost
about the same as my junk pac. And Leatherstuff also furnished me, at no cost, an extension for the waist belt
on my pac. You see, my waist was just a lttle larger that the band that is on the pac. I might suggest that if
you have a larger than 42 inch waist, that you tell the leatherstuff people. Again, the merchandise is top notch!!
Lee King--Michigan

Alana Weiser from Utah wrote:

what a delight to order something off the internet and find it to be of such exceptional quality! I love my fannypack! Thanks for such a great product.

Mary Kucsan from Pennsylvania wrote:

I received my purse in the mail today (pleated shoulder bag)
and just love it!!! The leather is so soft and the color is
great!!! I'm very happy with it!!! and will be ordering more
in the future. Thanks Mark for a great purse!!!!!

Janet from Ohio wrote:

Thanks for offering such wonderful leather products.
Best of all is your color line! I hate being forced into
what the fashion industry determines to be "the" color
(black, black, and more black!!). I'm nuts about navy blue
and am now the proud owner of the attache bag, a medium wallet/
clutch, and a belt bag. Incidentally, the belt bag carries
both my handheld computer/organizer AND my cell phone! The
leather is so soft, and the shoulder strap actually stays
Thanks again for giving us both choice, and an excellent

Bud wrote:

I think you guys produce the best products I have ever seen.
I tell everyone in Canada this is the best leather and is
custom made.It is the rave in Canada

DeBorah Carter from Ohio wrote:

Do you make custom leather gloves?

LEAH JACOBS from Ohio wrote:

I loved your purses but I just can not pay that much,
I never have. I have nice purses, but I get them when
they go on sale. Do you ever have clearance?
Do they ever go on sale?
Thanks for your help Happy New Year!

Sandra Raker from Virginia wrote:

Please put me on your mailing list. My address is 1836 Sydenham Trail, Virginia Beach, VA 23464. I would love to know when you will be in our area.

James Lardas from Ohio wrote:

To Buba
Hay Buba this is Jim Lardas, Oaky Doky Furniture. I just
wanted to tell you and Mark and the gang, I wish all of you
all a mary christmas, and a happy new year. Iam going to
New York, for the newyears bash. It was a blast being your
nahbor for the sugarlaof shows. I also thank you for your
help, of the desighn of my booth. The last sugarloaf show
I did, I think they were happy with the set up. Great web
site to. I would really like to get some info on who set it
up. Well got to go, see you next year.

God bless
James Lardas

Susan Allen from California wrote:

Am so impressed that you make fanny packs with brass zippers! My husband uses one for work and the nylon zippers always break and we have to buy a new fanny pack nearly every month..the body stays intact but the zipper breaks! Thank you so much - this will be the best present I could ever give him!

Stephanie Spindle from Virginia wrote:

It's me again! Recently got the Barrel Bag and the longer shoulder strap is great. I like to wear my purses over and across and the longer strap is perfect. And now I see the Ultimate bag comes with a longer strap - I'm definitely going to get one. Now, if I can just decide the color...

PETERBUG from D.C. wrote:

I work at at a dc public school were we teach shoe and leather design

patricia moore from Tennessee wrote:

Kathy Smith from Michigan wrote:

I saw your work at the 2000 Ann Arbor Art Fair. I have seen you there in past years, too. You have some of the most
beautifully made leather items I have seen anywhere. The leather you use is gorgeous and your craftsmanship is

Melissa Anderson from Illinois wrote:

Heard so much about your stuff, just had to see for myself. Nice work! (I'm Max's mom, the kitty...)
Melissa :)

Mary Rose Stelitano wrote:

I purchased a $10 coin purse from you at Penn's Colony in September. The leather is great, I love it. Do you have a Medium Rectangle Handbag? Do you have a catalog?
Thank you,
Mary Rose Stelitano
1803 Middle St.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15215