Pamela Latson from Utah wrote:

I have found more items and of better quality from Leather Stuff then in most Malls. I will continue to purchase all that I need from here, rather then from the Malls

Shigehiro Takashima wrote:

Nice web site. I enjoyed very much.

Linda Dawes from Ohio wrote:

I don't see you listed for the Dayton Oktoberfest this coming week-end. I will miss you if you aren't coming.

John Smith from Alabama wrote:

Mighty fine looking stuff! Do you show your work in Alabama?

Carter Scalf from Indiana wrote:

You have a nice website, and I enjoyed it greatly!

Wil Adkins from Ohio wrote:

Just a short line to say "Nice product!" I recently ordered
a new wallet and it is EVERYTHING I was promised when
I ordered it. The ordering process was smooth and quick,
and QUICK was the delivery to my address!
I'm already looking through your catalog for more items to
PS - My new wallet DIDN'T come with a new set pair of Jacksons...

Sharon Eagle from Virginia wrote:

Please let me know when you will be at shows held in the
Richmond, VA area or in the Northern VA area

Patricia Turrisi from Florida wrote:


Vicki from Ohio wrote:

I find Mowen Leather goods excellent. I have purchased various purses over the last few years from Mowen Leather at the Columbus, Ohio "Winterfair" arts fair, each Dec. The quality is excellent and the leather is so soft (not stiff). I am impressed that Mowen Leather will even custom make anything. I am happy to compliment Mowen Leather.

sandy mccoy from Washington wrote:

found your web-site under LEATHER on my computer!
liked the quality workmanship and variety available.

Maureen O'Sullivan from Michigan wrote:

I saw your booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fair yesterday. Your purses are beautiful and of great quality

Janine Edgette from Wisconsin wrote:

I love your website, very user friendly! I was lucky to find
you through "Those Shoes" which linked me to you! I am very
interested in ordering the attache, the only problem is I
don't know which color to choose!

Anzej wrote:

Very nice page!

Linda from Maryland wrote:

I just love my pleated hobo bag. I got it in the perriwinkle color. I’m waiting for Oct. The Timonium show because I’m thinking about a smaller one.
Thank YOU.

JoAnn Bice from Ohio wrote:

Hi Bubba!
Still love your purse. Look forward to seeing you at Oktoberfest in Dayton.
Like your site too.

Lynn Shortt from Washington wrote:

Wish I had found this site sooner. Had been looking for the specific item for a long time. Not only did they have the exact item I was looking for, but I even had a choice of colors of leather. The quality is great as is the sevice and quick secure delivery. I highly recommend this site and their products and will be purchasing more in the future.

Sandra Warner from Ohio wrote:

Hi Mark,
I'm Buffalo Bill's daughter. I've wanted to get on and find your web site for a long time. I'm glad I founf it. Looks Great!! Now it is Bill's turn. I will keep on top of him to get on the Web. Take care and tell Phyllis and the kids I said HI!!

Cathy Hunt from Ohio wrote:

Hi Mark
Nice to meet you. I'm Amy's mom. She said I should check this out
and pick out a purse for her to give me for my birthday.
Don't give it to her too cheap. She is always looking for a
Have a nice day.

RUSTY H from Pennsylvania wrote:


Linda from Pennsylvania wrote:

The Mini-backpack I got at the Harrisburg Arts Festival last year is the greatest! I bought it to take on extended vacations when a backpack was a neccessity -- but now find that I use it in favor of my Coach purses on a regular basis. I plan to purchase another one at this year's festival !

Kirsten Niswander from Iowa wrote:

I am pleased with this site. It has so many beautiful handcrafted
items and reasonably priced also.
I wish to personally thank Mark Mowen for his patience during
a slight error ON MY PART when I placed my order. He was very
nice and cooperated with me without any hassles.

Linda seeley from Pennsylvania wrote:

Hi !!! I have been getting orders from you , and i muct say i am very Pleased the softer the Leather the better i like it if you can send a Book to my adress i would be very Glad to have it and show to my friends if you can I am sure you already have my adress, if not here it is again. Linda Seeley 2640 South Mole Street Philadelphia Pa 19145 thankyou so very much .....Linda

Carol G from Ohio wrote:

I own six (6) of your handbags...so far. Two have been gifts and the other four I've purchased in person at the annual craft show at Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, Ohio. I always get compliments about your workmanship. I saw a wax finish bag in a russet type color last week at your display booth. I'm looking for a light taupe in a wax finish, any chance of finding it? Also, are your backpacks available in a middle size? I saw the small one and the normal sized one but I would like to see an in between size in a nice medium brown shade.

Charlie Riley from Pennsylvania wrote:

I look for your leather stuff every year at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh -- I especially enjoyed meeting you this year. I'm glad you have a website now so I can get your bags for gifts year-round.

lori from Minnesota wrote:

I am interested in your small backpack,
but need to know what the measurement is from the bottom
of the pack to the 1st zipper. Sort of a weird request, but
we have to put a company logo/patch on the pack and it is 4"
tall. I need to get this pack this week, so please advise
Thank you for your help!

Bill Turck from California wrote:

Very fine items. Detail looks perfect

Cami Shields MacNamara from Washington wrote:

Dear Mark,
I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Glenn and Jessie Shields daughter
that sold handbags(fabric) for my parents in California. I'm trying to talk mom and
dad into getting a website so they can finally retire a little bit. How is this going for you?
I'll be sure to tell my mom and dad I found you on the net.

Barbara Foss from California wrote:

I am sitting on the doorstep of 50 and never in my life have I been so beautifully and comfortabley organized!! Thank God you're there! You're the the BEST leather shop I've ever come across.
I will certainly recommend you to everyone I know!

Charlie Riley from Pennsylvania wrote:

I bought a fabulous purple leather backpack from you about 3 years ago at the Three Rivers Arts Festival here in Pittsburgh, and get more compliments on it than any other bag I own -- and I own a LOT of bags! The quality of the leather is unbelievable (the hand, the color, the smell...) and the craftsmanship is superb (in addition to being a bag junkie, I'm also a bag connoiseur, so I know good when I see it). At this past year's festival, I bought the large fanny pack, which actually looks good on me and holds everything I need, including a book. I couldn't be happier with it. I'm now contemplating buying a larger backpack, and now that you're on line, I don't need to wait for the Festival! But I'll stop by your booth anyway, for early holiday shopping. I appreciate the personal attention I get from you and your staff.

norman rich from New Jersey wrote:

I have found this web site to be extremely easy to use, the
products are first rate, and delivery is right on-time.
For these specialities, you will find a larger selection
here than at any department or luggage store.
Highly recommended!

Martin Rosen from New York wrote:

I found your site through the 37.com search engine

Juancito Gario wrote:

The quality of the handbag and wallet that I ordered is incredible.
The craftmanship is superb and it is really the best leather goods that I ever bought,
and I own alot of leather products. Keep up the great work.

ginger from California wrote:

I just received the small backpack I ordered from your website, and was delighted in the quality of the workmanship. I am (sorrowfully) replacing a leather backpack that has stood me in good stead for the last 23 years, and your pack has gone a long way to relieve the loss of this old friend. It's so much more finely made than its predecessor! I love the combination of practicality, organization of space, quality of workmanship, and elegance of design - not to mention the lifetime warranty. I look forward to many good years with this new pack, and hope more people find you on the web. You deserve it! ginger

Leah from Ohio wrote:

I saw your booth at Dayton Art Museum's Octoberfest. I love your handbags. My friend took me there and it was short notice and I left my credit card at home. I plan to shop for Christmas for a few handbags for my self and friends. I was lucky enough to see your work and all of your fine leather craftmanship. Just to let you as a buyer know, these are beautiful bags and accesories, so much better than the name brands and the others in the department stores and they are made in the USA.

Barbara from California wrote:

Better than I expected! Quality merchandise. I will definitely be back!

Mark Sadler from Florida wrote:

Thanks! Your service was timely and efficient. After finding your Web site and calling you, my wife's Purple leather bag was at the Post Office within 3 days. She loves it! You have a great web site which provided good information about sizes, colors, styles and cost. That was a heck of a lot easier than dealing with the local leather shop. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Stephanie Spindle from Virginia wrote:

I have three handbags and one attache and love them all! The leather is incredibly soft and touchable. I have visited your shows in both Virginia and Ohio and make a point of looking for you whenever I'm at a crafts show.

Betsy from New Jersey wrote:

I bought a beautiful pocketbook at the Westfield Craft Show. I loved it so much that I ordered another for myself and one for each of my sisters. We all love these leather bags.

W. D. Warren from California wrote:

Shopped several "stores" until I found what I wanted here. Good Stuff!

LEBORAH from Pennsylvania wrote:

I purchased my bag at tht pgh,pa art festival. no more coach bags for me...

Terri Steigerwald from Maryland wrote:

I love the bag I got at the Home and Garden Show at the Timonuim Fair Grds. in Baltimore. The best bag I have every had. By the way, where can I purchase the Apple Brand Leather Care Products?

ANDREA ZIMMERMAN from New Jersey wrote:


K. Alderton from Ohio wrote:

I'm so glad I found your website! I own two of your backpacks and love them. I haven't seen you at any of the local art festivals recently and was worried I'd never find you. Now I'm happy and getting planning to order my 3rd backpack. You're products are outstanding! Keep up the good work.

Donna Sells from Ohio wrote:

Very impressed with the quality of work

Kim Ruiz from Texas wrote:

I am so glad that I found your bag - I have been searching for weeks.

Sharon Walsh from New Jersey wrote:

Saw you products at the Westfield Craft Fair and was delighted to order one of your handbags - CAN'T WAIT TO RECEIVE IT!!!

Marcus Jones from Massachusetts wrote:

Nice web site. I received a lovely, black-and-blue attache from my grandfather two months ago, purchased at the arts fair in Cambridge, Ohio. The attache is of astoundingly high quality, almost too fine to use on a daily basis! Such soft, supple leather, innovative and practical design, and durable construction. far and away the nicest bag I've ever seen, let alone owned. I'm currently in the market for holiday gifts and have high hopes that the other products detailed on this website are as outstanding as the one I have.
Keep up the great work.
Marcus Jones Department of History Yale University

Kathy wrote:

I ordered "The ultimate" handbag...I recieved it quickly and was very pleased with the quality. It's the kind of handbag that will last for years

Melissa Curtis-Keller from Ohio wrote:

Bought the "Ultimate" at last year's local home & flower show. I am still taking a ribbing from friends for what it cost. If they only understood the quality! This truly is the ultimate in purses. After using it daily for a year now, it looks brand new. No wear marks, no loose seams, no threads. And I am HARD on a purse!

Missed this year's show. Hope to catch you locally soon. I really don't need another purse, I just WANT another one! I don't think there is a finer purse/leathergoods maker out there! You have my highest praise.

Jodi Welling from Florida wrote:

I've had my ultimate shoulder bag for a couple of years now and LOVE it! The quality is fantastic, the leather soft but sturdy. I was just checking to make sure you're still around...I may be in the market for another one!