Linda Wirth from Ohio wrote:

I just ordered my seventh bag! All but one were previously purchased at arts and crafts shows. I love the unique attractive, functional styling and fine leather. The bags just seem to get better with use and age. The Apple cream is terrific and helps maintain the beauty of the leather.

Kathryn Kengor from Pennsylvania wrote:

I first saw your fin equality leather goods at Yankee Peddler festival a few years ago. The items that I bought from you then are still in use today. I was very pleased to see that I didn't have to wait until the next craft show to order more of the great items that you create.
Thank you for the fine and quick service with your website.

Mike Boyne from New Jersey wrote:

Just received my second purchase!

Both items are extremely fine leather .I get comments from people all the time,and direct them to your site.

Customer service and delivery on both occasions were excellent.

Keep up the good work!
I intend on shopping for your products regularly.


Robbie Berg from Wisconsin wrote:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. This is the second time that I have purchased a handbag from Leatherstuff and both times I have been very satisfied. I am very impressed with the quality of the leather and the workmanship. I would recommend this company to others. I had ordered my handbag last Thursday the 15th and received it today, the 19th of December. That is what I call fast service. I also needed to call their service department to correct a problem with the method of payment that I had chosen and they answered on the first ring and corrected it right away. Awesome. I believe this company ranks or beats some of the so called "high end" designer companies. I also like the fact that they are an American company. Hard to find these days. Keep up the good work Leatherstuff. Signed a well satisfied customer.

Neill Cargill wrote:

I received my wallet today and I'm absolutely delighted with it. Fantastic quality.
I stay in the UK, and Leatherstuff kept me informed all the way.
Thanks again Leatherstuff.
Neill Cargill.

Sue Podleski from Michigan wrote:

After a motorcycle accident in 1990 left my husband with nerve damage in his left arm, I bought him a fanny pack as it was easier to use than a wallet (and he is one guy that can get away with wearing a fanny pack!). After the first one I bought him at a mall leather store wore out, I was unable to find another one that was all leather - including the waist strap. He's not fond of those nylon straps. That is, until I found leatherstuff.com. The quality and workmanship is excellent and very durable. I just purchased my husband his second one from leatherstuff.com. Three leather fanny packs in a 21 year period - fantastic - or should I say priceless!

Dennis B from Illinois wrote:

My new red leather key case came today and like it's lost "brother", it is extremenly well made and just the right size. I have been pleased with both products.

Jeanie S from Michigan wrote:


Just received my order today...the quality of these
items is SUPERB. The leather is so soft and supple.
My brother will be pleased with the trifold wallet for
Christmas There will be no "break in" period
required on any item -- each feels like a comfortable
old friend from the get-go.

Thanks for such beautiful leather goods!

Kath Robinette from Ohio wrote:

I have purchased numerous items from Leatherstuff.com and have never been disappointed. The quality cannot be beat. The prices are very reasonable and the service is fantastic. This time I had omitted a number on my credit card and they filled the order without it, then called me to get the correct number. You don't find that kind of service most places. Plus they are an American company! I love this company and I tell all my friends about it.

Kat Sullivan - P from New York wrote:

I love the Apple Leather Care products I get from Leatherstuff.com, to protect and condition my collection of designer leather purses.

The product is the best, and their customer service can't be beat. Shipping is very fast, and my order arrives well packed and protected.

I've tried competing products, but they weren't as good as the Apple Care.

Leatherstuff has my undivided loyalty. They are wonderful!

Mabel Oshiro from California wrote:

Love the Apple leather care products. Cleaner and conditioner are superb. Have used them on vintage handbags with excellent results. No color removal. Treated leather is soft and supple. Can't live without it!

Maryanne Stanciu from Arizona wrote:

I absolutely LOVE Leatherstuff! I have purchased the Leather Checkbook Wallet twice before my current order. I simply decided to choose a new color for my second order. This time, I jammed a larger wedge of prescription slips into one of the bill folds and ripped the fabric. I decided to purchase my recently ordered Wallet to change color and avoid the ripped fabric. The Leather Checkbook Wallet is very well designed and cannot be found through any other vendor. I looked for MONTHS trying to find a Wallet with its layout and quality. I found it at Leatherstuff! I have ordered other products as well, but the real draw for me is the Leather Checkbook Wallet. P.S. I donate the old Wallet (which, of course, is perfectly good) to one of the charities that collects goods and clothes.

Beth Wilhelm from Ohio wrote:

I bought a large bag at the Levis Commons Arts Festival. I love love love it! Butter soft and beautiful workmanship-I'm sure it will last forever. I plan to get a matching wallet and will get bags for my daughters for Christmas gifts.

I'm so happy I found your company!

Jacqueline Heromin from Pennsylvania wrote:

I wanted to comment on the wonderful products and service I got from your company many times.
I have so many of your Leather Pouches in medium and large that I've lost count. The leather is so beautiful and rich and the colors are just wonderful.
The zippers are very strong--something you almost never see anymore. (If anyone is having a problem getting the zipper open and closed easily because of the strength of them, just take a wax candle and rub back and forth on an opened zipper. Test it and do it a little more if your have to. You won't have a problem after that. It's kind of like seasoning a Cast Iron Frying Pan.)
I can't say enough good things about the quality of your products, the wonderful service you provide and not to forget the fabulous prices!! Thank you so much.

Elizabeth Moorman from Connecticut wrote:

Great experience with this company on my first purchase. Item was shipped promptly and leather is very soft and I love the brass zipper that seems high quality. No cheap zipper here! My only issue (really a non-issue) was the color. I would not consider it Seafoam Green but it's a pretty color and life's too short to sweat the small stuff. I will certainly do business with this company again-highly recommended!

Kris G from Georgia wrote:

Have been looking for the hidden compartment wallet everywhere. I ordered from Leatherstuff and it was exactly what I wanted. GREAT QUALITY!!

Bee L wrote:

Great Customer service. I overpaid my shipping without realising. Customer Service quickly picked up on my error and promptly refunded the amount. Always a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.

Mary Beane from Virginia wrote:

Love your stuff. Could sure use a sleeve for my Kindle: 7.5" x 4.8" x 0.335"

Helen R from Maryland wrote:

One of my all time faves at the Sugarloaf Festival. I return every year to pet and smell the bags! hahah!!
GORGEOUS and well-made to last forever.
Also, thanks for the advise on leather care. I ordered my Apple from you the minute I got home from the festival.
See you next time!

Fanny Pack Fanatic from Washington wrote:

I had a think some years ago about my personal philosophy of how women carry their STUFF. I want the option of having both hands free as most men do, for example when grocery shopping. Also, I want to look good and have nice accessories--no faux anything for me, but I'll only pay up to a certain price for them. Leatherstuff's beautifully made fanny packs are my perfect solution. I don't follow fashion either, but right now I'm reading that they're coming back in style, and that's a plus. I have them in a bunch of colors now. Recommended!

Val Thorn from Florida wrote:

Excellent quality, with marvelous butter soft leather. No cheap plastic zippers, either. I will be back, I am sure.

john phillips from Georgia wrote:

I have bought several items from leatherstuff. They have all been excellent quality. I will not buy any thing leather any where else if they make it. Great company.

Barbara Cannon from Maryland wrote:

My husband likes this wallet very much, the quality is superb, and of course it is made in the USA.

Ronald Noyes from Indiana wrote:

I have recently received my Alligator Tri-fold wallett and I absolutely love it. Fine craftsmanship at a very affordable price.

Gregg Alf from Michigan wrote:

I love the quality of your leather wallets. Now, if only you made the Leather Coin Billfold Wallet in some colors other than dark brown. I would love to own this in light brown!

CL Yang from Massachusetts wrote:

Great products. Speedy delivery. Good service. Thanks.

Sam Perkowski from Ohio wrote:

I never had the opportunity to see Leather Stuffs product until a recent craft show I attended in North Canton, Ohio. I was in heaven. The leather is buttery soft and made in the most gorgeous colors. I have carried leather my entire life and have never seen leather this pretty. The workmanship is perfect. Another great point for me was the length of the straps on the crossbodies. I am fairly tall and I usually can't find them that will fit me comfortably I walked away that day with two crossbodys and 3 coin purses. Probably would have bought more but my sister in law told me I had to at least see the remainer of the show. This was the third booth we stopped at. I think you guys are great and you will see me again. Thank you!

Alisa V from New York wrote:

The wallet I bought for my dad looks great! Well made! Delivered fast! I would DEFINITELY recommend them to family, friends, and everyone! And I will definitely buy from them again!

Sally Battaglia from New York wrote:

I can't say enough about Leatherstuff! I have leather bags, wallet and have also purchased the leather care items. The qualilty is awesome and the leather care items helps the bags to stay soft and supple. For anyone out there who has not tried your leathergoods, they don't know what they are missing!
Sally Battaglia

Diane Schaefer from Maryland wrote:

I have been purchasing leather care products from Leatherstuff for 2 years now. The products are great. The rain and stain spray can be used on practically anything and really protects my handbags. I have also purchased a leather item and it was as pictured and I have been using it for 6 months and it still looks great.

Kathleen Robinette from Ohio wrote:

I have purchased many products from Leatherstuff.com and am always impressed with the quality of the products. The leather is beautiful and the construction is pure quality. Well worth the price.

John Newsome from Illinois wrote:

I've been purchasing items from Leatherstuff for quite sometime and would recommend there products and service to all. Thanks Leatherstuff for being there!!!

Martin Turner wrote:

The service was great and a query I had prior to ordering was answered immediately. The goods arrived on time and the leather backpack was made from beautiful soft leather and is something to be proud of.


Deborah Arena from Alabama wrote:

I have been a customer for years and I will continue to purchase from you. No one else makes such quality items and delivers them in a timely manner. The only purses I carry are from Leatherstuff.com. Keep up the good work!

Ben DeLaurier from Texas wrote:

I had been using the same high-quality wallet for 10 years, and it had finally had enough. I was frustrated to be unable to find a wallet with similar quality, either they were 5 dollars with cheap 'leather' or they were designer affairs that came pre-stuffed with pretension.

These guys got my wallet to me fast, and my leather hat came later in a very well-packed box which protected my new hat perfectly.

Good people to do business with, I recommend them.

monica mendelsohn from New York wrote:

I just received my new red backpack today. Looking at it I realized that it is identical to my black backpack I bought maybe 10 years ago! I guess I know what I like. It is beautiful and familiar all at the same time. It arrived really fast. Maybe you guys should make things that don't last that long!!! Just kidding.
Thank you
Monica Mendelsohn
New York

Julianne Pierson from North Carolina wrote:

I have purchased from Leatherstuff for years and have never been disappointed in the merchandise, the price or the service. You guys do beautiful work and I will continue to buy from you. Thanks for all the great years of service!

Anita R from New York wrote:

I have vinatge Coach handbags and I would not use anything on them but the Apply Leather Care Kit. It's absolutely extraordinary!! My handbags still look brand new and they are 25+ years old. Thank you.....

Tim Kroese from Florida wrote:

"a good fanny pack is hard to find." after a year's full time use, the fanny pack i got at LeatherStuff.com has shown no signs of wear. i just purchased a couple more for the future because the products i love inevitably fall out of production. good price, good quality, and good look.

A kin from Ohio wrote:

WOW! Great service - great products! Received my products within 24 hours after ordering them and they are perfect! Will be back for more!!

Joshua Kim from New Jersey wrote:

What I've got from Leatherstuff.com is one of the best quality leather products and services I could ever get. Thanks so much!

Nikki Zongas wrote:

I have 4 Balenciaga Bags & several other designer bags & I would only use the Apple Leather Care Conditioner to look after my bags. Thank you for the great service & a fantastic product. Regards Nikki.

Kathleen Robinette from Ohio wrote:

I own two bags from Mowen leather, a shoulder bag and a small wallet bag. They are the best quality bags I have ever owned. I just purchased four more different bags of various types. The leather is soft and supple, but also durable. These bags are better than the Coach and Dooney & Burke bags I have owned.

Reid Wood from Ohio wrote:

I ordered a small leather travel bag. The shipment arrived very quickly, and the quality of the work on the bag is excellent. It looks like it will be a very useful bag, and it is quite stylish, as well. I am totally satisfied.

Penny Huntington from Washington wrote:

I ordered 3 portfolios, one in each color, for the 3 guys I work for. We are all impressed with the quality of leather and workmanship. Each one was packed very carefully and I received them in a very timely manner. When I called their toll free customer service number to fix an error on my part, I was helped in a very courteous manner and everything was corrected immediately.

Cynthia Sturdevant from Ohio wrote:

I first discovered your products at an arts fair here in Cincinnati where I bought a mini barrel bag for myself and one for a friend. That was at least five years ago and both bags are still going strong. The leather is soft to the touch but wears like iron. The design is incredibly roomy and practical, and I never need to put my bag down when shopping, driving, teaching, or hanging an off-site exhibit. Fantastic! So, now I'm collecting them in other colors!

Michael Rucker from Ohio wrote:

Best wallet I've ever owned. The leather quality is fantastic. I wish you guys made jackets.

Deborah Arena from Alabama wrote:

I have dealt with Leatherstuff.com for years and their quality can't be beat. When I want something that is done right, this is the first place I go.

Richard Hathaway from Georgia wrote:

Just when I thought the country was going to hell, I find this vendor of high quality leather, at very reasonable prices. We ordered the Large Pleated Pocket Leather Shoulder Bag a few days ago and received it in the mail (US Priority Mail) a few minutes ago. The handbag is very good quality, with good stitching and zippers. The leather is very supple. We will definitely recommend this product to others.

Larry Nakutin from California wrote:

What a pleasure to deal with such helpful people who sell top quality merchandise and deliver it promptly.