Sharonn Meeks from Washington wrote:

I had to change the mailing address for my order. Within 10 minutes I had a response and the order was revised with the correct address. I will be a repeat customer!

John Cooley from Arkansas wrote:

Fantastic customer service. The quality of the leather was far beyond what I expected at this price. I'll be back for more.

Dennis Greco from New Jersey wrote:

I ordered a dark brown leather travel bag on Monday February 9th. Using the most economical way to ship, US mail, I was suprised and very pleased to have my package arrive on the 11th in less than 48hrs. the product is perfect and your service superb.
Dennis Greco

Ernest Bodrazic from Indiana wrote:

This will be my second purchase for a most wonderful wallet from Leatherstuff.com. The quality if the product is awesome, the reliability is incredible and the customer service is fantastic. I needed help in locating something purchased over eight years ago and they guided me right where I needed to be.

I will always order from Leatherstuff. like finding a good doctor or a good mechanic.

S Bentley from New Jersey wrote:

I love their products and shipping is super quick too...I bought a really nice leather bag and conditioned it immediately and the bag looked even better!! AMAZING!!! Thanks

Serena Toro from Maryland wrote:

I have two of the small open pleated bags (purple and yellow) and love them. I just purchased 2 more (red and navy) as I have yet to find any other bag I like as much. I have vowed never to purchase any other handbags and only use these as I come back to them all the time. Love the size, feel, colors, etc. Love the wallets also.

Barry Bateman from Florida wrote:

Excellent customer service. Fast response to email inquiries and humans actually answer the phone when you call customer service with your questions. Add to that fast shipping, great products and good prices! What more can you ask for?

A Hunter from Illinois wrote:

WOW! Super fast service- my order was shipped in less than 30 minutes. I am indeed very impressed!

L P from Arizona wrote:

I recently purchased the Executive Leather Organizer/Day Planner as a Christmas gift for someone. It is absolutely beautiful - exceptional product for the price. The customer service is great - very responsive. I will definitely buy more leather products here!

Barb Tucker from Pennsylvania wrote:

I love your Hobo bags. They seem to have been created with the disabled in mind. At a time when long straps don't seem to be available anymore, you are still offerring them. This is a great help to me, as it frees my one hand for doing other important things, and imo, they are much more comfortable to carry then those with short straps that wind up sitting inside your armpit and pressing on your bust uncomfortably. Also, the quality of the leather in your bags is quite high, and they smell delicious too. :-) The choice of styles is quite extensive which is also a big plus. Delivery time is great too. I'll be telling all my friends to shop with you guys!

Sheila Stueve from New York wrote:

I have ordered men's and women's wallets and have always been very satisfied with the quality of the merchandise and the packaging. The delivery time is also phenomenal.

Edna Parks from Kentucky wrote:

I love my new wallet! LS added extra picture frames for pictures of babies of my former students. I am tickled pink since I could not find what I wanted and they were so caring and considerate! The wallet arrived in 2 days which was very surprising. I am going to recommend their business to everyone I know. Thank you so very, very much.

Cori Socher from New Jersey wrote:

Love the leather care products! Finally, I can clean and condition my expensive leather purses and accessories without fear of ruining them!!!

Stuart MacDonald wrote:

Received the two wallets this morning and i'm very pleased with the design and quality. I needed plenty of card holders, and room for banknotes and receipts. More importantly is the compact size which i found hard to find in England. Arrived well packaged too! Very happy! Stuart.

M L wrote:

I first heard of LS from a Purse Forum that I frequented almost everyday. They raved and recommended other members to purchase products such as the Rain Repellent and Apple Garde. I finally decided to order my first set and I'm very excited. From my knowledge, according to the photographs posted from other members on that Forum, the results were spectacular. It truly softens up the leather and gives it a lovely shine. I cannot wait to receive my items and give them a test drive.

The Customer Service is spectacular, I highly recommend LS to anyone. Thanks LS, keep it up.

Tanya Smith from Rhode Island wrote:

I am a second time buyer. I purchased the Large Leather Barrel Bag previously and couldn't have been happier.
On 10/29, I purchased the French Bound Leather Sholder Bag and received it today - I am totally amazed with the fast shipping time and the fact that it didn't cost and arm and a leg to get it that fast.

The barrel bag is so great, size, leather and construction quality, also durability that I ordered the Sholder bag so that I could have more than one bag to depend on.

The sholder bag is just as great as the barrel. The size is smaller, but again, the quality, construction, and room usage is above par.
I have recommended Leatherstuff to friends and family and can do this with the assurance that the products are some of the best that I have ever seen, and I AM picky!!

Thank you again for a supurb product, superfast shipping, and fantastic customer service. I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!


Laurie Baumholtz from Ohio wrote:

I recently purchased the leather Eurobag and am thrilled with the purchase. I got tired of carrying my partner's things in my purse. I have to tell you the number of things in my pockets and my purse grew and grew. I finally decided to check out the Eurobags because they are large,yet very wellmade and have numerous pockets for whatever needs to be carried...large or small. My biggest concern was the shoulder strap. I was concerned about my partner being able to utilize the bag in the 'cross the chest' fashion that I enjoy with my big,sloppy bag from Leather Stuff. I checked it out ( I called!) and low and behold not a problem. The strap is adjustable...big time!!! As a surprise birthday present I couldn't wait to share! There were no disappointed faces in this crowd last night let me tell you!

Thank you again, Leather Stuff for not letting me down!

Kevin Mar from North Carolina wrote:

This leather bag (Catalog no. LG-9) is absoilutely superb. I have been looking for the perfect "Man Bag" and this is definitely it!

I have been looking for exactly the right one and this is by far the best made (love the brass zippers for durability) It has the right number of pockets and has all the options I was looking for.

I have purchased from Leatherstuff before and will again. It has beat Ebags.com each time for what I'm looking for.

Tanya Smith from Rhode Island wrote:

I ordered the Large Leather Barrel Bag on 9/24/08 and received it today. First of all, the shipping time amazed me.
The bag is one of the best leather products that I have ever purchased. The color and texture are amazing. The leather odor is strong, yes, I am a leather junkie.
The bag is extremely well made and some very good thought was put into the setup of the interior.
I stumbled onto this website while looking for a nice leather bag that was also affordable.
This bag fits all my needs and requirements. It is absolutely beautiful and I am totally satisfied.
I called in to order this bag and the customer service rep that I talked to was professional, courteous, and answered every question that I had.
I now have another favorite go-to website for a favorite item, purses, and I fully intend to visit again.
Thank you for all around service and a superb product!

Tanya B. Smith

Michele M. from Kentucky wrote:

I just received my recent order from leatherstuff.com and I am beyond thrilled! I have previously ordered some cigarette cases from this company and loved them. I have been wanting a nice leather purse and after looking at each one repeatedly, I finally decided on the large pleated pocket shoulder bag #M-104, as well as 3 leather zipper bags and a keyring with change purse & credit card holder. I chose the light brown color for the purse and keyring and it is just beautiful. The zipper bags are red, so I could find them easily in the bag. It is a rich, lucious red. The purse is not just a purse, it is truly a work of art. The leather is soft and supple, the quality is top notch. There is no flimsy polyester lining, pockets etc, it is all high grade leather. It is so soft I can barely keep my hands off of it. The zippers are heavy duty brass type zippers that will probably last forever, as will the leather. I also purchased the Apple Leather Conditioner and the leather cleaner. The conditioner is great, it just soaked in without leaving a hint of residue, no stickiness at all. The color was unchanged. I bought extra for my elderly leather sofa and I'm so glad I did. I haven't applied it yet but have no doubts that it will extend the life of my beloved sofa, we just can't bear to part with it yet because it is so comfortable but was beginning to show wear. The other products I tried left stickiness and caused dust to stick to the sofa. I also wish to note that I placed my order online, after hours on Fri, and rec'd my order on Wed. I will not hesitate to recommend "Leatherstuff" to anyone in the market for leather goods. As a matter of fact, I already have. I will be back for any more leather purchases I need, for sure! Thanks for listening to my lengthy testimonial. I wanted to make everyone aware of my positive experience.

Lauren K from New York wrote:

Apple Leather Care saved my purse! I have a light-colored handbag made of soft, Italian leather that I seemed to have over-loved... it was spotted and noticeably dirty. My shoe repair guy recommended a leather cleaner that did indeed take some spots out, but it left my bag stiff, crisp and dull. It looked as though the oil-- and the life-- had been zapped out of it. I needed something to clean, condition, and ultimately restore my beloved bag. Purse aficionados from a certain online forum recommended Apple Leather Care. I ordered it and it was shipped within hours; I received it in two days. I applied it to my bag and the results were apparent immediately. You could practically hear my purse drinking it up! My bag is now cleaner, brighter, softer and "healthier" looking... it's like new! Thank you, Apple! I will use this product and the Garde on all of my leather products and will recommend my friends do so, as well.

Kelly Glave from Colorado wrote:

I ordered some leather care products, conditioner specifically, and it was shipped very quickly. Thank You.

Gregory Neel from Indiana wrote:

I ordered the "Zippered Leather ID Billfold Wallet".
I received my wallet in 2 days from the time i ordered it.
I love my new wallet!! It's got all kinds of room and it zipp's shut to keep everything safe.
I would recomend this wallet to anybody looking for a real nice wallet.

Patricia Ellertson from Ohio wrote:

I just received my new bag, the leather bucket hobo bag, and I am even more pleased (which is hard to be) than I have been with the dozen others I have ordered through the years. Each remains in great shape.

The customer service has been ideal. Best of all is the quality. From day 1 to day 1000 they still look good.

Neal from North Carolina wrote:

Great selection of hard to find leather goods and excellent service. I'll be back. Thanks.

Rhonda W. from California wrote:

Leatherstuff.com is awesome!

I ordered the Apple Brand leather care/cleaner kit and it only took a day or two for it to get to me. That was great!

The product was awesome and I was able to revive many previously untreated purses with it.

Thank you!!

Jean Anderson from Ohio wrote:

I just received my "Large Leather Satchel" and I am totally thrilled with it. The quality is unbelievable!
I barely made it out of the office because everyone wanted it! Of course I told them I purchased it at Leatherstuff.com and they could go there to purchase one for themselves.
When emailing for a question I had, the response was extremely quick.
Thank you for the wonderful quality and customer service. I will definetly purchase again.

Jennifer T from California wrote:

I love the level of customer service Leatherstuff provides. I've ordered the Apple Leather Care items twice now after being referred several times to this website by an online message board devoted to designer handbags and fashion. The customer service here is phenomenal. Everyone is so personable and willing to help you with your order. I called to amend an online order I placed (to add another item!) and Mark was able to locate my original order- which was already boxed up and ready to ship within an hour of placing it! I received my complete order only days later. I would definitely recommend Leatherstuff.com and Apple Guarde to my friends and anyone reading this!

Cindy C. from New Jersey wrote:

I highly recommend leatherstuff.com to all. I've purchased from leatherstuff.com before and I put in two more orders today. They have wonderful products that actually work and at reasonable prices. But what keeps me coming back is their customer service! They truly appreciate their customers and it shows! Thank you!!

Sonia N/A from Ohio wrote:

I have just received my second purchase, the Leather Travel Bag, and it is beautifully designed and made, just like the purse that I bought several months ago. What I especially appreciate is how many choices there are for a travel bag, and I studied each one carefully before making my decision. The thought that goes into the design of Leatherstuff bags is very impressive, and the craftsmanship as always is exceptional.

Gil B. from New York wrote:

I just ordered the Regular Leather Key Case and got it in just a few days via Priority Mail. Exceptionally fast service. I had called to discuss the item prior to buying it and got some honest feedback from the person who answered the phone.

The Key Case is exactly as advertised and is very well made. It is a high quality item and I am very pleased with my purchase. I will definitely be coming back for more leather products in the future.

Erin OBalle from Texas wrote:

I just got a Coach purse and this stuff worked so well on it! Shipping was so fast and they are very consumer friendly here at Leatherstuff! I'm so buying all my leather care stuff here!

Richard Frey from New York wrote:

The quality of the leather and workmanship are top notch. The on line selection and ordering process was easy. The speed with which they completed the order was almost amazing. They didn't gouge you on the shipping. What more could you ask? I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Brenda Foreman from Indiana wrote:

I have purchased from Leatherstuff.com for many years. Recipients of leather goods I've purchased love them. I continue to enjoy my first purchase and anticipate the arrival of the expandable card case. As always, customer service sets a high standard, making purchases easy.

Kyle Kopecky from Ohio wrote:

I discovered your beautiful leather goods at the Hathaway Brown Art Fair a few years ago and have purchased something from you every year. This year I bought a mini-backpack and absolutely love it. I receive more compliments on this bag than any other! Your customer service has always been exceptional. Thanks again for your prompt reply and quick shipping. Kyle Kopecky

Sonia N/A from Ohio wrote:

I found your site after searching on Google and decided on the Ultimate Leather Shoulder Bag. I had never spent so much on a purse before but I felt the time had come, after losing things from purses that were too big or too little or too poorly designed, to buy THE purse. I was still a little hesitant, though, until I noticed all your customer comments and read them, then knowing for sure I really had found the perfect place and perfect purse. Now that I have received (it arrived very quickly) and used the purse, I am writing to say that it is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. I would recommend your site and your products to anyone! Also, it would be interesting to read on your site how your business originated. Leatherwork like this must have an interesting history behind it.

Canny Sugiana wrote:

Thank you for the excellent service! I am very impressed that emails were always replied promptly and orders processed quickly.
Also, I am so far happy with the Apple leather care range. They are completely safe to use on all my bags and shoes, including my precious Louboutins! In fact, they look even more beautiful after treated with the Apple Leather care and the Apple Garde. I am no longer afraid to wear them outside. However, we don't get much rain in Melbourne Australia, so they have not been tested. =)
But I am sure they will deliver when it comes to it, my friends highly recommend this product and many of them has got their bags/shoes rained on.
Thank you very much for the excellent service so far.

Jerry Danzig from New York wrote:

I received your regular leather checkbook cover today, and it's excellent. Soft, supple leather, lovely to the touch, in a handsome brown color, beautifully finished. Add to this a great price and your amazing service -- I received your package just two days after I placed my order -- and there's no reason to look elsewhere for a first-class leather checkbook cover.

As I have stated before, I expect to be your customer for life...

Terry Wilkinson from Alabama wrote:

I went to Leatherstuff.com to order Apple Care for a Louis Vuitton purse that I just purchased. The website was easy to manipulate and search. Ordering was quick and easy. Thanks for the great service!

Mary Fanizzi from Ohio wrote:

I have purchased three leather bags from Leatherstuff.com and I must say their customer service is excellent, they are extremely quick with deliveries but most importantly the quality of their leather is simply the best and last for years and years and years.
I would never purchase a purse from anyone else.

Donna Wetstein from New Jersey wrote:

Apple Leather Care is amazing! It is the only leather moisturizing product that I use on my leather pieces, which include many expensive and high-maintenance leather purses. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Lindsey Scott from Nebraska wrote:

AMAZING!!! My Coach purse looks brand new! I love the Apple Leather care-and the shipping was really fast!

Mary Jo Ballator from Arizona wrote:

The quality of the leather and the craftsmanship are superb.

Thomas Barker from Iowa wrote:

I ordered a hard to find item. It just arrived and I am very pleased.

Paul Grossman from Florida wrote:

Exactly what I expected, delivered very quickly. Thank you.

Diann Abbott from California wrote:

This is the first time I have "called" to place an order (usually I order online) and I was amazed at how friendly, patient, and helpful the gentleman was in taking the order. "Patience is a virtue"! This company definitely is the only one I will work with when ordering my leather goods. I wish you prosperity and good wishes in your business....thank you very much!

PS I also would like to add that I always get my orders promptly.

Syeda Rahman from Michigan wrote:

Thank you for the great products and superb customer service. It is very appreciated!

Sharon Lapierre from Maine wrote:

Today I received my purse first time ever ordering from leatherstuff.com.You can tell what excellent craftman ship is put into their work.This purse is a rugged leather and has plenty of room.The only complaint I have is the cell phone pocket.I wish people that make purses would put a cell phone pocket on the outside of the purse personally with me I could hear it ring better without carrying it on myself.Other then that I have no complaints.Plan on ordering from leather.com in the future.

Jean Li wrote:

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your overseas service. I received my order in only 4 days (to the UK) and thats a lot quicker than some domestic companies I buy from! Thanks a lot for providing a valuable service as I can't buy the products in the UK.

Wang HY wrote:

Great Customer Service. Great Product. HTH!!..